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Download these great 50 Cent Wallpapers for your computer desktop. These images are of high quality and well designed for all you 50 cent fans! You can download the wallpaper packs for your computers screen resolution below. If you don't know what your computers screen resolution is, click here to find out.

50 Cent Wallpapers - 1024x768

Note: These wallpapers are also suitable for resolutions higher than 1024x768, for example on a 1280x1024 desktop

50 Cent Wallpaper 1  50 Cent Wallpaper 2  50 Cent Wallpaper 3
Download 50 Cent Wallpapers

50 Cent Wallpapers - 800x600

Wallpaper-50 Cent  50 Cent Wallpaper 2  50 Cent Wallpaper
Download 50 Cent Wallpapers

Changing Wallpaper

To use these 50 Cent wallpapers on your computer, follow these simple steps.

  1. Right click on your desktop
  2. Click Properties in the menu that appears
  3. In the Display Properties window click the Desktop tab
  4. Now use the Browse button to load your 50 Cent wallpaper
  5. Press OK to apply the changes
  6. Enjoy your new 50 Cent Wallpaper

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