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50 Cent Screensaver

Download Your Free 50 Cent Screensaver

Would you like to have 50 cent on your computer desktop as a screensaver? Then this cool 50 cent screensaver is for you! You can use it to customize your computer and make your PC look a lot cooler at home, work or even school!

50 Cent Screensaver 50 Cent Screensaver pic 2

The screensaver can be installed with great ease with around 3 clicks. It features:

  • Over 50 pictures of rapper 50 Cent!
  • Hit 50 cent songs for background music
  • Cool image effects
  • Easy configuration of Images, Music and Speed
  • Pictures shown in random order, so its not boring!
  • Music is also played in random order
  • 3 Click Installation

This screensaver is a must-have for all 50 Cent fans, so what are you waiting for?

Download 50 Cent Screensaver

Installation and configuration of the screensaver

Use the following instructions if you need any help using the screensaver or are not familiar with the installation and configuration of screensavers.

Installing the screensaver

  1. Download the screensaver from the yellow link above
  2. Unzip the file with a tool such as WinZip
  3. Run the Setup file inside the zip archive

Configuring the screensaver

  1. Right click on your Desktop
  2. Select Properties from the popup menu
  3. In the Display Properties dialog window click on the Screen Saver tab
  4. In the drop down list of screensavers select 50CENT
  5. Now click the Settings button to configure the screensavers settings to suit your liking
  6. Enjoy your new 50 Cent Screensaver

And thats all there is to installing this cool 50 Cent screensaver on your Windows PC.