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The following is an outline of available information here on 50 Cent Base, these articles are useful and contain some intersting information and facts.

50 Cent Facts
Contains all sorts of interesting facts about rapper 50 Cent, including his real name and other interesting info!

50 Cent Biography
This is a biography of 50 Cent, read this to find out where 50 Cent started and how he got to where he is today. Makes for a good read.

50 Cent's In Da Club
Information, facts and downloads about 50 Cent's smash hit song, In Da Club.

50 Cent Discography
View detailed info dealing with all of 50 Cent's released albums to date.

50 Cent G-Unit Shoes
Learn all about the new range of G-Unit shoes part of the RBK collection by Reebok.

50 Cent Track Lists
This section contains a list of all the songs on all the 50 Cent albums released for now.